NTC Newtech

NRC-KT Series(Kite)

Embedded mirror card suitable for embedded applications such as FA computers and medical equipment

  • NRCP-KT623 (PCIe Card Type)

  • NRC-KT623(Built-In Type)

  • This is the latest model of mirroring RAID card that further enhances the functionality of Newtech Mirroring RAID Product series, which have a proven track record.

    The triple mirroring function ensures data redundancy while a single drive fails or is being rebuilt, greatly improving system availability. This feature is suitable for various industrial systems where services cannot be stopped or where a failed disk cannot be replaced immediately. The system is also equipped with a unique data encryption and erase function to ensure security of data taken out of the HDD.

    The PCI-E card type is designed to be fixed to a PCI-E slot in a standard computer or server. The PCI-E card type is designed to be fixed to a standard computer or server PCI-E slot.

    The PCI-E card type is low-profile, and both standard and low-profile mounting brackets are available for a wide range of applications. Only power is supplied from the PCI-E slot.

  • Read/write benchmark test results by Iometer

    Better read/write performance than stand-alone HDD.

    Tested HDD: WesternDigital RED

  • Product Name NRCP-KT623(PCIe) NRC-KT623(Built-in)
    RAID Level RAID 1
    Triple mirroring, mirroring + 1Spare, mirroring
    Host I/F Serial ATA 3.0 & 2.0 (NCQ-compliant)
    Transfer speed (theoretical) 6Gbps & 3Gbps (1.5Gbps not supported)
    Power supply voltage DC+12V±8% DC+5V±5%
    Current Consumption Under 0.46A Under 1.1A
    Operating conditions Temperature: 0 to 55 ℃ (FPGA Temperature: Below 95 ℃)
    Humidity: 8 - 90%RH (Must be free of condensation)
    Environmental conditions Temperature: -20 to 65 ℃
    Humidity: 5 to 90%RH (Must be free of condensation)
    Dimensions 68.3(W)×137.0(D)mm *Not including fixtures
    supported to Low profile bracket.
    • RoHS
    • Warranty
      1 Y

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