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Supremacy RAIDシリーズ サポート情報


F.W.番号 リリース時期 分類 内容
J202R10 2012/11/06~ The following fixes and enhancements were incorporated in J202R10, J212R10, and J302R10 firmware ・Scrub caused controllers to halt.
・Identical vdisks created through the CLI and RAIDar report different volume sizes.
・Power Supply and I/O module statuses were reported differently on Controller A and Controller B.
・Controller halted when a vdisk expansion started.
・In dual-controller configurations, if one controller halted, the Fibre Channel host links did not failover to the surviving controller.
・Medium errors on drives in a RAID 6 vdisk caused another vdisk to report a critical state.
・The controller halted when clearing metadata of a leftover disk.
・Due to loss of heartbeat between the two controllers, one of the controllers halted.
・The event log was not updated when a drive was removed (or marked as "down") while a utility, such as verify, was running.
・RAID 6 reconstruct caused partner controller to halt.
・Volumes became inaccessible when converting a master volume to a standard volume.
・Drives in non-fault-tolerant vdisks did not report unrecovered media error as a warning.
・Heavy RSR load caused a controller to halt.
・Added "year" to the critical error log.
・Controller halted when utility timing was in conflict. ・Controller halted when, under heavy I/O loads, a RAID 6 vdisk had one or more failed drives.
・There were verification errors after an internal error recovery process completed.
・After a failover, an incorrect vdisk utility status was reported in the CLI and RAIDar.
・Host lost access when a large vdisk was being rebuilt.
・The spare drive was not activated when the vdisk passed into a critical state.
・Updated scrub utility for improved behavior.
・RAID 6 reconstruct reported incorrectly when an additional failure occurred.
・Drive LED behavior was inconsistent.
・A controller halted due to excessive retries when a drive that was being reconstructed to had a failure.
・Enhanced the Power Supply module Voltage/Fan Fault/Service Required (bottom) LED. It illuminates solid amber during an under-voltage condition and will now remain illuminated even after the current returns to normal and the power supply is replaced or power cycled.
・A controller halted during an update of an expansion controller.
・Both controllers halted during a failover.
・Chassis failure caused data access problems and/or data loss.
・Multiple systems presented the same WWPN.
・Improved logging with better historical information.
・Scrub log entries did not properly display the parity error count after a failover event.
・In both RAIDar and CLI, metadata was not cleared from all of the selected drives when commanded to do so.
・The controller stalled when a vdisk with snapshot and replication volumes was deleted.
・A duplicate vdisk was reported after a halted controller recovered.
・LUNs were not properly remapped after changing vdisk ownership.
・The wrong drive was marked as "down".
・Improved management of cache flushing.
・Added ability to allow flow control on iSCSI ports.
・Removed unused debug agent component.
・RAID data logs were not flushed after an extended power off or when a controller was restarted but failover did not occur.
・RAID 50 error reporting did not report errors during verify.
・Improved performance on RAID 10 vdisks.
・When a controller was removed and I/O was in process, the transaction was held in the cache.
・Scrubbing message was unclear when vdisk is owned by the other controller.
・After extensive runtime and I/Os, the system may stall during a shutdown procedure.
・Background vdisk scrub stopped with no warning.
・If a controller was restarting or failing over at the same time that a snapshot was being deleted, there was a possibility of the snapshot becoming inconsistent.
・Disk loss during an expansion controller upgrade.
・A power supply module failure event was not included in the system event logs.
・Vdisk scrub failed ungracefully on disk unrecoverable error (URE).
・Reduced the I/O delay when a disk has failed and data needs to be reconstructed by the RAID engine.
・The event log did not properly report when both controllers were restarted.
・LEDs of all drives in enclosure 1 were amber and SMI-S reported them as failed.
・Management controller hung after recovery.
・Disconnecting a back end cable caused a controller to halt.
・Volume was not accessible after converting it from a Master volume to a Standard volume.
・An unknown setting was reported set on one disk in a system.
・False under-run errors were written to the event logs.
・A controller halt reported Double IOB to same Nexus in the event logs.
・The power supply module was incorrectly identified in the event logs.
・Incorrectly reported the components were in a degraded state.
・Could not collect a complete set of logs from an array.
CLI-specific fixes and enhancements ・trust command: Updated CLI help example.
・trust vdisk command: When run on a vdisk that was online, it reported success when it should have reported failure.
・set vdisk command: When changing the vdisk name, the name was rejected as being invalid.
・set debug log parameters command: command returned an error message and would not perform the requested action.
・expand snap-pool size max command and variable: returned an error message.
・clear events command: Improved online help.
・set host-wwn-name command: Setting the host-wwn-name did not work as expected.
・set iscsi-host host <host> <new-nickname> command: Was unable to enter an IQN alias name.
・show host-wwn-names: Did not work as expected.
RAIDar-specific fixes and enhancements When a dedicated spare of a vdisk was deleted, the drive was marked as "leftover."
Firmware update-specific fixes and enhancements ・All drives in enclosures 1 and 3 were reported as unknown following a firmware update.
・Partner Firmware Update (PFU) did not properly update the firmware on Controller B.
・After a failover, vdisk ownership did not change to the operating controller.
・After performing a firmware upgrade, some drives were erroneously reported as duplicate/leftover drives.
・After a firmware update, multiple drives are marked as "leftover."
・After upgrading firmware, the array had to be restarted.
・After a firmware upgrade, the controller stalled.
・A firmware upgrade failed.
J200P30 2009/4/14~ Enhancement ・In the Storage Management Utility (SMU):
-Improved display of the managed host list.
-Improved status reporting of disk drive LEDs.
-Added ability for the "admin" user to create new user accounts.
・In the Command Line Interface (CLI):
-Added ability to restart when the local controller is shutdown.
-Added dequarantine command.
・Improved read/write performance.
・Improved processing in heterogeneous environments.
・Improved behavior of the Secure Shell functionality, making it more stable.
・Improve recovery of backend probe timeouts.
・Provide sense data on all SCSI commands so that the SCSI mid-layer can appropriately resend failed commands when appropriate. (Linux environments only).
・Improved behavior when multiple Vdisks fail and the array is under load.
・Improved messaging when attempting to use snapshots on an array without an installed snapshot license.
・Improved messaging for Event 207 critical events.
・Enabled Native Command Queuing (NCQ), which can improve performance under some workloads.
・Added support for enabling and disabling dynamic sparing.
・Added the ability for the event log to be pulled via SMIS.
BUG FIXES ・Corrected possible controller crash during Vdisk expansion when using Vdisks greater than 2 TB.
・Corrected an issue that caused a controller crash when more than 64 initiators had logged on to the target.
・Corrected an issue that could cause accidental metadata loss when an array has been physically damaged.
・License Management
・Corrected an issue when ESX 3.0.2 Guest Operating System goes read-only after a device-not-ready status is returned from the array.
・Fixed an issue where a reconstruction could fail and the global spare became leftover.
・Fixed an issue where the controller could hang during a reboot of the array controller.
・Fixed read-only mapping and read-only snapshots in Windows environments.
・Improved the behavior when a disk is quarantined after a reboot:
-Quarantine an Offline Vdisk if it was previously marked as Critical.
-Quarantine a Critical disk if it was previously marked as Degraded.
・Corrected an issue where an amber light on a drive was erroneously turned on.
・Corrected an issue that led to improperly displayed event logs.
・Corrected a disk status display error after FTP enclosure updates.
・Corrected a reporting issue, so that the array now reports that it supports Implicit TPG.
・Corrected an FTP client hang after a firmware download.
・Corrected an issue where incorrect SCSI status may be returned for certain error conditions.
・Corrected data display error about the power supply status.
・Corrected an issue where Partner Firmware Upgrade (PFU) would run after replacing a controller that had PFU turned off.
・Corrected spelling errors in various logs and SMU pages.
・Change the behavior of SMIS not to report a degraded state for non-critical messages.
・Improved bad-drive error recovery.
・Fixed behavior when running the analyze utility and the verify utility concurrently.
・Fixed long event errors causing e-mail reports to have empty events.
・Fixed erroneous error log message about a missing spare drive.
・Fixed CLI command "set snmp-parameters" to not hang the CLI when using the command without specifying the parameters.
・Enabled Native Command Queuing (NCQ), which can improve performance under some workloads.
・Fixed a case where the management controller could appear unresponsive.
・Improved the consistency of terminology in the WBI by replacing Enclosure Controller with Expander Controller.
・Fixed some inconsistencies in the online help.
・Fixed a case where the expander was not responding to SOAF_OPEN or RRDY commands within the 1 ms limit of the SAS specification.
・Fixed an issue that lead to the management controller not accepting any more commands.
・Fixed an issue on shutdown where memory was inappropriately dealt with, which caused a controller shutdown.
・Fixed an issue in rollback in which determining the most recent snapshot on rollback was skipping the "mark deleted snapshot".
・Corrected a case where an SNMP request could lead to an invalid no such instance report.
・Improved the failover/failback error handling on some error recovery scenarios.
・Improved the scrub and verify processes when running on a newly created volume.
・Fixed an incorrect value reported for CIM_ProtocolForUnit.DeviceAccess.
・Fixed an issue where, in rare instances involving trusted vdisks, the snapshot rollback function didn’t work.
・Improved the instructions for updating JBOD EMP firmware.
・Fixed an issue where LUNs of greater than 2 TB were reporting the incorrect block descriptor value.
・Fixed an issue that kept a volume from being deleted from a reconstructing drive.
・Fixed an issue where an open schedule for a non-existent volume could cause a management controller crash.
・Fixed an issue where the backend SAS initiator is getting breaks from expanders when the connection has no activity for greater that 255ms.
・Fixed a case where deleting an array could cause a data integrity issue.
・Fixed a data integrity issue that could happen when adding volumes under I/O.
・Improved the messaging to user when changing a vdisk owner.
・Fixed an issue that would cause online initialization to fail.
・Fixed a rare data integrity issue when the host is running Linux.
・Improved the SSH interface to be more robust in a large configuration environment.
・Fixed an issue where, when doing a firmware upgrade, drives could go to spare.
・Improved the error reporting for disk scrub errors.
・Improved the messaging when a user deletes a Vdisk.
・Improved the CIM, SMI-S, and SNMP handling and messaging.
・Fixed an issue that could occur when a legacy reservation could also clear the persistent reservation for the same LUN.
・Fixed an issue with reporting drive status after a drive hotswap.
・Improved the cache mirroring algorithm after one controller shuts down.
・Fixed a case where a RAID6 spare would not be utilized.
・Fixed a case where the device could appear unresponsive after a snapshot deletion.
・Fixed an issue that caused the Windows 2008 Cluster Validation Multiple Arbitration test to fail.
・Improved the RAID1 performance relative to RAID0.
・Fixed a case where Task Abort Status (TAS) caused an ESX server to go offline.
・Fixed a case where the snap pool could not be deleted after it failed.
・Fixed a case where deleting a snap pool could cause a controller to reset.
・Fixed a case where drives were shown as critical after the hotswap of the IOMs.
・Fixed an issue where the management controller would appear to hang when a mix of Windows Explorer 7 and FireFox were used to connect to the SMU.
J200P19 2008/6/5~ NEW FEATURES ・SNMP Changes for Dolphins V1.1--further MIB values for Compaq objects
・Persistent IP Address
・New Critical Events
・RAID 6 Support
・Independent Cache Mode
・Point-to-Point Topology
・SMI-S v.1.1
・PHY Status
CHANGES ・Changes in Firmware Update Procedures
・Volume Names
・Parity Error Discovery
・License Management
・Solaris MPxIO Volume Naming Structure
BUG FIXES ・Added JavaScript to remove the V in the autocreated name if the maximum size vdisk name is used to accomodate the 20 character uniqueness check in the SC. This change makes the volume name created by the MC for manual naming compatible with what occurs if the user does not choose to manually name volumes.
・Stuck in Shutdown/Failover/Failback
・Fix temporary loss of PGR tables (or crash if not a customer build)
・CAPI - avoid divide by zero.
・Array failed to return to DHCP mode with restore defaults command
・Added code to get drive status element bits to accurately reflect the state of the dongle green led and activity polarity
・Krypton LED behavior Failures